The Great Bolin
Hello there, I'm Bolin. You may have seen me on TV. Yes, I have my own show. Well, it's not my OWN show, but you know what I mean. Feel free to ask whatever you want to. I answer all of them. Most of the time.
You can roleplay with me. I'm into that kinky stuff. Wait, Mako just informed me that it doesn't involve being in the bedroom . . . Anyway, I'm still up for it.
Mako is usually here with me. Oh, and human Pabu as well. Some magic anon spell, which we definitely don't want anybody to TAKE IT BACK RIGHT NOW!
We take gif and drawing requests.

Also, Lin BeiFong is my hero. That is all.

Guys, Did You Notice This?

Notice where Sokka is sitting.

Council in present day:

And what is right underneath where he used to sit?