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I am not okay with a transvestite being on The Powerpuff Girls. 

They are going to confuse the children. He wore woman’s items and talked like one but looked like a man in the chest and could even talk like one if he wanted.

I am not okay with this. I am very unhappy about it. 

((It’s not confusing the children, it’s teaching them about the different kinds of people in the world. Not every one is a skinny white girl with beautiful hair and eyes.

Why don’t you get upset at the drug reference episode?

Or the feminist ones.

His name is “Him” they know that he’s a guy.

And I understood that as a kid. And nobody else seemed to have a problem with it.

Maybe only simple minded people would be disturbed by this.

Him was the best villain on that show and he was fabulous.

If you can’t handle Him, then don’t watch the show.))

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    dude honestly? i just thought he was a crazy alien lobster thing and that was the style of clothing they wore on his...
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    Him was fucking terrifying. Everything about Him was terrifying. Am I the only one reblogging this that was given...
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    Personally, I never questioned his wardrobe. I was just scared of him. If anything, I always liked his pink puff and...
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    Dude at that fucking age I had no idea what trans was . I was mor concerned with what cereal my mother bought me
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